iPhone Apps for Pilots

Plane Radio

Plane Radio App

Finally, an extensive database of AM radio stations in the United States that can be searched and sorted by Format/Genre, Signal Strength (which is a function of distance and power), State, Frequency and more. All the information is presented in an easy to read table format.

Best of all, the database is offline and does not require internet which works flawlessly even if your phone is on Airplane Mode. That is over 4,800 AM radio stations and over 1,000 VORs in the US. Also as an added feature, this app will automatically tell you the name of the VOR in use if all you know is the three letter identifier. ie: FAK -> Flat Rock

This app is designed mainly for aviation use, as it is necessary to input a VOR to compute distance.

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WindTrig App

WindTrig is an iOS app designed for the professional pilot. It’s primary function is to dynamically calculate the crosswind and headwind component of reported winds by use of Trigonometry.

By dynamically calculating the components every time an angle or velocity is changed on screen, this eliminates the need for a “caculate” button thus decreasing pilot workload.

This is the perfect tool not only for the professional airline pilot but for the certified flight instructors and private pilots as well.



PocketACARS App

Finally, an App for the CRJ-200 where you can calculate how many passengers or bags you can take in seconds before you even get on the airplane.

Are you a jumpseater trying to get on a flight? Are you tired of gate agents asking you how many bags and passengers you can take?

This app is perfect for ACARs deferred airplanes or ones that don’t have one at all. The user interface is simple and easy to use and will alert you if you are projected to exceed the following limitations:

  • Landing Weight 47,000 lbs.
  • Max Takeoff Weight 53,000 (structural)
  • Zero Fuel Weight 44,000 lbs.

The App will also remember your settings for:

  • BOW
  • Passenger Weight
  • Half Weights
  • Bag Weights

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